The Modern Fiction Book List

Richard M. Ankers - Author

The Fiction shelves of a bookshop can carry the widest variety of work from the ancient to the new and everything in between. The benefit of this can be books that are unexpectedly superb because you aren’t entirely sure what to expect. The following are ten books all of which I own that have done just this – surprised due to their exceptional quality. I recommend them all. Enjoy.


Memoirs of a Geisha / ArthurGolden


If you enjoyed the movie you’ll love the book and vice-versa.

Sister / Rosamund Lupton


Rosamund Lupton is an author who has fast built up a following. There’s no surprise why after reading this.

The Night Circus / Erin Morgenstern


The cover says it all, enchanting. One of my personal favourite books.

Dark Matter / Michelle Paver


This could have gone in a ghost or horror category, but it’s so well based in reality…

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21 thoughts on “The Modern Fiction Book List

  1. Yes, yes yes!! I love getting good book recommendations and it appears there are two books in your list that have certainly awoken my curiosity.
    The Night Circus already looks truly fantastic to me and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.
    Dark Matter A Ghost Story also seems as though I would be interested in the story. I shall give it a try.

    Thanks for providing this great list Richard, I’m happy to have come across it. 🙂

  2. I have not read any of these, they look superb. I am going read Geisha, I have been meaning to do that. Thank you Richard.

      1. Well, see, I often flip around channels and if I am not captivated immediately may move on…but the name sounds familiar ! Ironically I used that pic of the girl of the book cover, plucked it from google as an illustration on one of my poems. Yikes.

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