The Hollows (Finale)

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He who should’ve had no voice spoke, and a landscape trembled.

“You have evaded me since the dawn of THEM. No longer. No longer. He has drawn you. He has Doomed you.”

I wanted to flee, to dissolve, to die, but not at his hands. Not at his.

Death rumbled like a gathering storm, an oil slick in his wake. He swept towards us like a nightmare given shape, and I couldn’t even scream.

Your love for them has given you away, as I knew it would. Your love for them has Doomed you too.

Them? But I only loved her?

I shall take you quickly, I owe you that now, after so long..”

“I’m sorry said the girl. I’m sorry, but you had to know.”

She addressed me, not Death. She stared up at my non-face and brushed aside a cowl she should never have been able to touch. One blue eye, one green, water and land, she stared up to where once were my own, and spoke.

“Gabriel, for that is your name, you have given everything for what you thought a human, and through that gesture, humanity itself. But, my never-love, humanity was never meant to be immortal, never meant to evade Death. I, the first, she who remained hidden in plain site for all eternity can do so no longer.”

Death stretched out one bony claw and took the girl by the hand. “Come, Gaia,” he said. “Your time has passed.

And it had. As the world span one last time and the Doomed, those other fallen, faceless Angels drifted out to stand beside me, everything stopped. It just stopped. Except for the tears that rained from above and perhaps the stirrings of a second attempt at something better.

The End.

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16 thoughts on “The Hollows (Finale)”

  1. OH My…. 😦 So sad. Yet so inescapable. Bravo! You described Gaia so beautifully and I do love that you filled Gabriel with such a loving, selfless passion. ❤ Marvelous. where DO you come up with them?

  2. finally found it!!

    so sad… but there is that heartwarming aspect…

    Mr. “Off the cuff”… hahaha!!

    Question, does your writing flow freer, when journaling- pencil or pen to paper, typing on computer or laptop or?? I would be interested to know…

    Kind Regards and I can’t believe I had to wait 5 days to read this. – K 😉

    1. Typing on a laptop, and everything I put on here is off the cuff. I don’t post any of my serious writing, but may do soon. I’m looking at different themes right now to accommodate it.

      1. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so this is non-serious stuff….

        I love learning new things every day.. I havent had a chance (blush) to read some of your other items….
        but it’s on the list… Where DOES the time go…

        Sounds like an extremely exciting future ahead!! Excellent!! Looking forward to future posts etc…

        K 🙂

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