From Such Things Are Eternities Made.

Death didn’t hurt. Like a satin sheet drawn over tired eyes, I slipped from alive to not. That should’ve been the end of it. Should have.
When that same satin drew back everything had changed. The world I’d known was gone, the light different more diffuse, the seas stalled, the air thinner. I paced the landscape of sand and stone without print or pain, hoping to find someone else, anyone else. I found you.
You came from the ocean like a dream from sleep, a slow revealing that tempted to fade. But I didn’t want it to fade and clung to your vision of loveliness with all that I had and all that I was. You smiled. I almost died again.
That beach at the end of everything was ours and ours alone. I would make it my business to know every grain of sand, every crease in creation, every glistening atom of you. It was going to take a while, but we had a while. From such things are eternities made.


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