#FridayFantasy – When Fey and Eternals Collide – Part One

I really enjoyed collaborating on this. More to follow, and thanks again, Morgan. 🙂




Welcome to the debut of Character Interactions!  In this first installment, you will find a unique interaction between Richard M. Anker’s lead character, the Eternal Lord, Jeanand the lead character of my own Dark Fey Trilogy, Prevailed Fey of the Light, Gairynzvl.  Richard’s contributions are highlighted for you in italics to set his writing apart from my own.  We hope you will enjoy this collaboration and debut of Character Interactions.  Be sure to stop back / watch for upcoming installments.


Opening portals into other realms was just one of Gairynzvl’s many gifts.  As a Fey of the Light he was born telepathic as well as partially empathic, which allowed him to read the thoughts of another without difficulty. He could also sense the stronger emotions of others, though he had been taught from a young age not to delve without permission. During the…

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