A Carriage Dalliance

The Eternals, an extract.

“Have you missed me, Jean?”

“I’ve seen you on many occasions. This formulated world is too small to miss someone for too long.”

“You know what I mean,” she giggled.

“Not really,” I answered honestly.

“Hm, playing tough won’t work with me. I see through your veneer of disdain.” Moonlight shone through the carriage window and gave a strange look of madness to her eyes as she lent closer.

“There is no veneer with me. My feelings to this life have not changed for centuries.”

Sitting back in her seat, I watched the Marquise ponder my words with the look of a child unable to comprehend a question. 

“Do you really hate it so?” she asked.


“But, why? We have everything our heart’s desire and even when we don’t we simply create it.”

“That is exactly why.” I gazed out of the window and watched the dramatic scenery sweep past.

“You are a most mysterious man,” she chuckled, as she eased her way into the seat beside me. “Beautiful, isn’t it,” she purred into my ear.

“Perhaps, if you like your Alps and Himalayas amalgamated. It just so happens that I prefer the originals.” 

If the Marquise heard me I did not know as her mouth closed about my neck. I squirmed in my seat at the twin pressures she applied, but never enough to break the skin. 

“Now, tell me you still haven’t missed me,” words of honeyed silk poured from her mouth.

“I still haven’t missed you,” I breezed, as our mouths met and, for a time at least, I submitted to her as the toy I once was.

The Eternals / Chapter 1

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Richard M. Ankers, author The Eternals

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