He twists inside this man
Rapping upon the bars of his bone-white cage
Gnawing and chafing
Seeking to be free, always straining
A force unlike myself, darker
Although I fear by only a shade
He yearns to be free of my self-imposed prison
But it holds him, it holds him just
I know one day he’ll explode
Crash and burst in splinters of me
A brain in one clenched fist
A heart in the other, still pulsing
I’ll hear his laugh of release
An echoing cacophony of clashing teeth
Snapping up this name and spitting it out
He despises me
As I despise him
Thus the balance remains
An awkward non-truce
Me on the outside poking him down
Him on the inside reaching up
I feel his talons on my windpipe now
His eyes on the daylight spied through gritted teeth
His words twisting
They’re guiding me 
Controlling me
Or I, him


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