Sometimes, is harder than not

It is the promise, I think

That hope you feel deep down

Tingling like electricity

Just enough to tantalise without really hurting

A poking of awareness

And teasing of promise

Sometimes, they say

But you know it means not

That doesn’t mean you don’t hope

I always hope

Without ever getting my hopes too high

If you know what I’m saying

Or praying

Or preaching

Or both

Yes, sometimes, a multipurpose word

A hard word

A difficult word to fully understand

Different things to different people

A word of opposites

How else can I describe why you’d say it

So very, very often

And never once have it mean the same as me


4 thoughts on “Sometimes”

  1. This is brilliant, Richard, loved your poem, your ‘heating of nail on its head’ – ‘a poking of awareness, a teasing of promise’ – ‘sometimes’ is a word that helps to cope with everything that you wish it was ‘always’ and ‘forever’ but it simply cannot be any of it- sometimes isn’t ‘absolute’ but still so reassuring , that ray of hope in the end of dark tunnel. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. A hard but very ambitious word, indeed, having so much to learn and so much to prove. A word that could be an excuse or the foretaste, the beginning of something amazing and permanent, a diamond taking shape. Sometimes helps if sometimes you can’t take it all anymore. You know it is sometimes so you know a new day will come and you’ll go on. Thank you Richard for this beautiful share.

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