And So It Went On

My ex’s cat and I hated each other. A mutual dislike, my ex often said as we lay in bed staring at the ceiling. And it was. I hated everything about it: smell; hair; freaky eyes, way too green; how it meowed like crazy until I fed it. Everything. But when it died and I buried it in a suitably smelly, old shoe box in the garden, I still felt obliged to tell my ex (I wasn’t that cruel).
“I don’t own a cat,” she said.
“Our cat,” I replied.
“We never had a cat,” she hissed. “Grow up, it’s over,” she added, lips curled back, spittle frothing, and stormed back inside her brand new penthouse apartment.
Left alone in the pouring rain, (story of my life) I turned tail and went home. I was greeted with a meow and a pair of freaky green eyes. And so it went on.

17 thoughts on “And So It Went On

      1. Here as well. But if we had exciting stellar lives, we probably wouldnt be writing and I for one think the world is a better place for your words/stories!

  1. That was so funny, refreshing like a summer rain, if you want to learn how to ‘hate’ things in a beautiful way, you should learn it from Richard. I have read your post while waiting on the bus, so many people around me, I laughed aloud, they looked at my freaky eyes, way to blue, reading this lovely little story – I could noticed how they hated everything about me, my leather jacket, my skirt and cheeky, red lipstick (modest, humble and decent woman that I apperently do not represent do not wear any of it). Most of all they hated my great mood, how did I dare to be cheerful at the end of the day, so mean of me, in front of all those people that are suffering from constant negativity. And so it went on, as I was reading another post, smiled again and again- realized that actually it isn’t all too bad if the world hates you. Although it must be a real disaster if you hate the world. Hate whatever you want and in any way you want, just don’t hate the world.

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