I Wait (A Midnight Walk Disturbed)

There is no malice held in deepest evening, no hate in midnight’s shroud, both are clear of day’s impurities, as am I. With only the moon to light my way, I saunter down silver pathways admiring the night flowers, the moon folk, all the things you have never seen. I smile at a passing owl, say ‘Good evening’ to a mole. None look away. None are repulsed by my insipid, alabaster skin. I am one of them, and they are one with me. This is how it should be. This is what I wish.
I hear it in the distance, a groan as of the night convulsing. My friends slip away into holes and burrows, others curl up into the nothingness of oblivion. This disturbs me. I am disturbed. I wait.
The sound is now accompanied by two blaring spotlights angling over the outlying city suburbs like a Cheshire Cat grown rabid. It hurts my eyes this evil light, confuses and surprises in equal measure. I wait.
They do nothing to hide their approach, these passengers in my world. They scream and bawl destroying the peace of my beautiful midnight tearing down the street at a hundred miles an hour. I wait.
They are almost here. I know they see me as they swerve at the last moment. I did not expect this; it matters not. I thrust forward grabbing the car door; my steel is stronger than its. Talons pierce the metal, the car brought to a sudden halt its driver thrown threw the windscreen, (idiot should’ve worn his belt). His screeches of pain hurt my ears, force a tremble at this daytime monstrosity roiling before me. I take a deep, unnecessary breath, regain my composure and sneer.
Now, I cannot wait. He is rendered silent. I am rendered full.
The night’s blissful peace restored, I meander away as though nothing untoward has really happened. In truth, it has not.

The End for Tonight

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