That Childhood Sleep

Sarah is another writer who could do with some views. Please check out her blog if you can.
Thanks, Richard.

Sentinel Of Phantasm

I sat there on my favorite spot

Heard them talk, didn’t get a thing

Got comfortable, settled in

The world became hazy, the voices faded out

When I woke up, I realised

Tooth fairy can’t tuck me in

So who made sure that I sleep tight?

That’s a childhood mystery we can solve

No matter where we dozed off

On a chair, couch or in the car

Always woke up with a mattress beneath

Yet the count of this incident is umpteenth

Someone did always made sure our childhood had no scars.

-Sarah Rashid

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5 thoughts on “That Childhood Sleep”

  1. Beautiful poem, I like how Sarah touched this very important time of our Lives, the childhood. The poem becomes even more moving While reading it from the perspective of somebody who did experience the scars while they should never really appear at the time when you learn to trust the world and the people that live in it. Childhood is the time of Innocence and the only time when you can normally afford taking things for granted, things like love, care, attention of your parents. If that all is there When you are still little, later you will go through your life like there was nothing that could ever scare you or threaten you. You go to sleep and feel secure as then your inner child is protected by the grown up you that makes sure that you ‘always wake up with a mattress beneath’.

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