He’s evil, unpleasant, a nasty piece of work. I watch and listen as the gears tick over in his unscrupulous mind, they appraise and dissect. A flicker of something less than human swims behind those eyes, a serpentine creature with a forked tongue hissing as it slides beneath his eyelid leaving rippling undulations in its wake. The serpent disappears, but the look does not.
I don’t like the way he stands, a slouched cockiness that belies his true failings. He is weak although he tries to shield it. He is pathetic with pathetic ways.
If he reads my thoughts, senses the words I want to say, he does not show it. Instead, he cocks his head to one side making his neck crack in an annoying way, then stretches like a languid cat. He seeks prey, any prey, for without it a hunter has no purpose.
And there it is, like a shot in the dark, the truth ricochets through my mind; he has no purpose. His brooding is fake. His menace, insincere. He is a failure and he knows that I know. This revelation fills in the blanks of his life. He stands revealed. Unfortunately, for me.
I turn from the mirror and weep, for he is me and I am he, forever. It is a never-ending truth.


26 thoughts on “HE”

  1. Oh no! Totally did not see that coming! Excellent!
    He should get with Celeste. She’ll tell him what to do- fill his life right up. 😄

      1. Just busy with Overlord babysitting and trying to get organized for a break in September to visit the folks 🙂 I’m thinking of adding a day to my blogging schedule for reblogs. So much great writing out there, and if I close comments, it doesn’t add much time. Happy to share your writing, Richard. It’s fabulous, as always 😀

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