The Embrace

I dream of the little things like snowflakes on skin

Of watching them dissolve in slow motion

When wishing for nothing else but them to stay

I pray for the sound of leaves falling at night.

Of cold, Autumn winds unthreading their tenuous resolve

And whipping them away in moonlit bursts of molten silver

I live for the promise of the sun setting soon

Of late evening frosts glinting like magic

Cobwebs like miracles parachuting through flowerbeds

But mostly I hope for that cool backend chill

Where dark coals come alive in bursts of flickering energy

And, at last, I can hold you in a fireside embrace


45 thoughts on “The Embrace”

  1. Beautiful imagery evoked through your words…even of spiderwebs, which is ironic as the same make my skin crawl! As ever, I read and then sigh πŸ™‚ Beautiful!

  2. This is so beautiful. Somehow painted a picture in my head and made me miss winters.
    Works like these are my writing goals. ❀

      1. Well, am glad that you think that but i guess i have along way to go.
        p.s. – i am still learning to like myself so.

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