They came for me last night, those beasts with cobweb wings
Billowing in the moonlight, they flittered through a window
I heard the scratching of steel talons on the sill
It drowned out the indefinite whines of society
Until, silence purveyed, purchased to disguise
Purchased to cover what they were here to do, prevailed
All fell silent. All was silent. Silence was all there was
Even the wind failed to blow through the rafters
Even the rain failed to tap upon the glass
They stuttered; I felt their eyes, their cold, violent eyes
Tearing away the layers of my sleep: duvet; blanket; tee shirt; skin
They willed them from me in exquisite pain
Pain I was all too used to and not unprepared for
And so I leapt from bed with maddened eyes
They were there, and revelled in my posturing
Each one a rotting, ragged loose-knit epidermis
Not meant to house ones such as they
Not meant to house anything other than death
They eyed me with those vacant orbs, deciding
Formulating new plans, more expansive tortures
Any other man would have fled from them then
Would have torn out their hair and poked out their eyes
Jumped from the window and fled into traffic
But not me. Not this night. No longer was I their pawn
I grappled with them, though wished I’d not
I hit and bit and struck and scratched
Tore and raged and screamed and snarled
And by God’s mercy, I bested those beasts
Each one a pile of desecrated badness
Each one a stinking pile of reclusive scum
Those nightmare creatures, the bane of my nights
Lay dead in heaps of crimson malice, shredded meat
Only their eyes definable in the midnight gloom
Only their eyes, dead eyes, staring, accusatory
The same as the ones that did so in day
The same as the ones in my bedroom mirror

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