She smelled like chocolate melting in my hands
A rich, luxurious velvet that needed licking from every finger
The ripples of her arrival sent shivers through the bar
Two men fell off their stools, and the barman swallowed his gum
She didn’t order, she didn’t need to
As a dozen various hues of brown liquor appeared on a tray
Everyone had bought her something, except me
Her eyelashes lifted, head tilted; she appraised
I gulped, and tipped at my hat
Why hadn’t I crumbled, she seemed to stare
Why hadn’t I fallen for her whisky charms
Look at the ‘C’ emblazoned on my chest, she bulged
It stands for Chocolate, Candy, whatever you want
How could I tell her she wasn’t my type; she was everybody’s type
Perhaps, I just didn’t want to share, my winked response
I downed my drink and left like an iceberg floating out to sea: cool
The truth, I was on a diet and too much chocolate made me ill


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