Moments of Faith


I am not a religious man and would not pretend to be for the sake of others. That does not mean I don’t have faith. But there are times in our present day world when faith is a hard commodity to hold. There are some terrible things happening and for a person who is not like that, they are also very hard to accept. Personally, I don’t care what someone looks like, what colour, race or creed, they are, only that they are good people. I have always been that way. I also still firmly believe there are more good out there than bad. It is just that the bad often have the loudest voices.
This morning, I was out running early, as I always am, and was stewing over some bad experiences of the last week — I often stew. Some of the bad I have mentioned above had got to me, coupled with some very intense editing of my second book, to have it ready for the publisher by next week, terribly humid weather, which I hate, and various other things, and was just glad to be outside and alone. I ran through the estates, down the main road, and turned left into a quieter area of a common and fields. I saw this, and I make no apologies for my own flamboyant retelling.
To my left, behind a hawthorn hedge already spewing forth berries, lay a common — a large, open grassed area with livestock, in this case horses — which was immersed in a layer of mist. The horses periodically emerged from said spectral veil only to disappear almost instantly. To my right, the preparations for a flood catchment area had been paused and the fields they were set in were catching the first licks of dawn. Above, a flock of seagulls (not the eighties band) were flying overhead in almost quiet. My footfalls were silent, my breathing relaxed and everything just seemed to fit into place. I realised how lucky I was to be alive, to be happy, and to be looking forward to writing when I got home. Just then, I thought, do you know, I couldn’t give a **** about the bad folk because the ones I’m closest to are good. That was a special feeling.
Never forget the good. It will always outweigh the bad.

Thank you for reading my ramble.

Richard M. Ankers, author of The Eternals

65 thoughts on “Moments of Faith

  1. I wasn’t sure where this was going, Richard, but I’m happy where it went! I think the key is that it is okay to wish those people well…AND MOVE ON! No need to keep negative energy in your area! 🙂

  2. Oh, I love this. Thank you for sharing this, it radiates with such a peaceful easy feeling, it’s wonderful, I want to feel this way everyday.

  3. One of the best sights is an early Autumn morning as you described. The air is a little crisp and all is quiet – it is like earth is perfect, waiting for us to wake up and spoil it. Apart from the early morning running, I am with you 100%. 😊

  4. Amen and amen, Richard!!! Hang on to the faith. The enemy loves to steal it from us and he will do anything he can to do it. There is more good than bad but like you said the bad has the loudest voice thanks to the media. This was fabulous and made my day!!! By the way, we are not asked to be religious, we are asked to have faith. Blessings, 🙂 ❤

  5. Faith may be different for everyone, but there’s faith. In God(with many names and forms assumed) or the science and logic. The moment we get a sudden jerk or fall, the very thing we call then, that’s the innermost faith we hold. Or, that’s what I think it is. Nice write-up; as this world needs its positives to be listed for those who fail to notice. And I’m a morning person too; I love the freshness, the serenity, calmness, solitude everything about mornings. I’m glad I found your space. 🙂

  6. Richard I read this on Natalie’s site initially and then came over to you. I couldn’t agree more with what you have written here. Like you I am not a religious person but what you say here, is both the truth for the faithful and the agnostic and the atheist and the not-sure. It is the idea goodness cannot be crushed, that goodness is everywhere and as you say, the only reason bad things appear to dominate is because they are loudest. Much like an extrovert will be remembered as louder than an introvert (but the introvert may invent and create the world). We need to be less distracted by noise and pictures and distraction in general and the false and the artificial. It has always been that way. We are weak.
    I love the idea of you walking and thinking this. THAT makes me happy. Proof of what you say.
    Simplicity makes me happy.
    Complexity can be interesting but sometimes simplicity is the balm we most need.
    A wonderful piece my friend.

      1. I know….happens a lot, until you tell it I’m not….now my comments will go through…still some don’t show up on those who don’t know how to access it….WP… was a good ramble though😊

  7. Your morning jog and rambling thoughts on good and bad make for a mental steeplechase, Rich. May the realisation always be of good outweighing bad, but allow some bad to be; otherwise there is no steeplechase…

  8. Pretty vivid imagery of your morning jog! It is interesting how “simple” things like a beautiful scenery can be a spiritual feeling. For me it is when I hike a mountain and stand at the top!

      1. Such an awesome feeling when you conquer a mountain. I’m curious why you think we “feel” this way when see a beautiful scene or a moment of clarity. What causes that?

  9. I’m fairly sure all great figures in religious history were close to nature in some way. I think of it as God is nature and nature is God. You’re right, I think, that the bad people are just more noticeable. Many good people are out there quietly helping others. Good post, Richard. 🙂 — Suzanne

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