For those of you missing the snow.


Incessant is a funny old word, one hardly ever uses it in polite conversation. Yet, despite having rooted it out from the depths of my vocabulary, I’d included it in my last four dialogues. In the space of half an hour, too, which I thought impressive.

“Yes, Mister Clarke, the snow’s incessant. I don’t think it will ever stop.”

That was to Mister Clarke if you hadn’t guessed.

“I’d say it’s incessant!” I shouted to my mate Pete and pointed to the sky. He scraped at a good foot of compacted snow that had enveloped his once blue car in a loving, white embrace. He scowled; I left him to it.

“Incessant? Yes, I agree.”

“No!” bellowed my granddad from his porch, a beaming smile playing across his face. “I asked, where’s my present?”

“Yes, incessant,” I grinned back, and ploughed on towards the shops.

Just as I began to suspect I’d never say it again, from out of the blizzard, too fierce for any other idiot to be out in, (hang on, I was out in it) the postman appeared.

“Goddamn snow,” cursed John.

John was the postman’s name just for your information.

“I know what you mean,” I said, catching him by the arm to steady him. “This snow’s incessant.”

“Sure is,” he replied, adjusting the sack on his back.

He looked like he was about to say something else, when all of a sudden, the blizzard ceased. For the first time in two weeks, the snow stopped falling. House after house reappeared from the enforced gloom like streetlights turning on at dusk. In a winter heartbeat, the suburbs returned. Weird, I thought, as the clouds split apart to reveal an azure sky.

“Well, what d’ya know,” said John. “Not so incessant, after all.” He gave me a wave and moved off through the knee-high drifts.

I watched him disappear around the corner into the high street like the ghost of Christmas past. He’d not been gone a minute before I was already missing my incessants. Worse still, he’d got the last one in. Looked like I’d have to put them to bed for another year or at least until the incessant snows started again. Well, who’d have thunk it, one more for good luck!

The End


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