Disdain: A Portrait of a Burdened Man

Jean is Eternal. How he despises it!

Disdain is an art form infrequently perfected
To remain apart, whilst not
Be whispered of in both dread and desire
Shake the feathers of a raven, yet appear a swan
And do it all with a certain panache
A certain dark nonchalance
To be a fly in the proverbial ointment
Amongst the Hierarchical elite, a thorn
Amongst the revellers and waltzers, a stain.
Some men dream of such daring
Others despair and dread it
But the master of the art, its better
Is distasteful of his achievements
Despising both those he frequents
And those he has frequented
None more so than himself
Such is one burdened with absolute disdain
For it is heaped upon one’s own shoulders
And Jean’s shoulders are broad

The Eternals by Richard M. Ankers

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