Like a panther, she prowled
Smoke in the dark
A cold surprise
Her regime, destruction
She chose who she wished
Toyed with them
Dark eyes, enticing
Sculpted eyebrows, arching
A flicking tongue tasting the air
Her skirts with their oh-so-precise rips
She drew the eyes of both sexes
Allowed her time she didn’t need
But she’d play the game
Some times
Other times, not
She took a friend of mine
Hunted him
His girlfriend, too
I saw it all, immobilised, struck dumb
She spared me not from pity
But a full stomach
Left to torment and time
By that demoness, that silken raven
Still, I smelled her perfume in the dark hours
Tasted her sweat in the night
Yet said nothing
Though I knew her name
Wished it with all my repentant heart
But dared not…
She’d know
I could not…
She’d come
I would not…
I’m young
Eventually, I said it

At last

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