Eureka Moments

A: “Let’s here it then.”

B: “Prepare yourself, this is brilliant.”

A: “I’m waiting.”

B: “If I had a drum, I’d be rolling on it.”

A: “I’m still waiting.”

B: “Alright, alright, keep your socks on. I just wanted you to be the first to know.”

A: “I’m hoping that one day I will.”

B: “Oh, you will, matey.”

A: “Is this leading to a — can you lend me money — type scenario?”

B: “I can’t tell a lie.”

A: “You can’t tell anything. Get on with it.”

B: “I’m trying. Anyhow, I’ve had this idea for an app that’s possibly the greatest since the world became Pokédexed.”

A: “Good, I’ll get ready to shout eureka.”

B: “Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.”

A: “It would be.”

B: “Alright, here I go. It’s an app that requests aid from the community to help in getting things done for other people. Anyone can help, and if they do, they get fed by the person who they’ve helped. If you want someone to cut your grass, you text on the app. If you want someone to go shopping for you, you just text the app. If you want someone to help you tidy up…”

A: “You just text the app.”

B: “That’s it, you’ve got it. Good, isn’t it?”

A: “As your hare-brained schemes go, yes.”

B: “Geez! You’ve never said that in all the years I’ve known you.”

A: “You’ve never given me reason to.”

B: “Hmm!”

A: “So what are you gonna call it?”

B: “This is the most brilliant part of all, and don’t worry, Mr Cautious, I’ll test it here thoroughly before I trial it with others. Because it’s a mixture of self and getting things done with assistance, I’m going to call it Please.Do.Me.”

A: “!”

B: “Well?”

A: “You do realise you still live with your mum.”

B: “Hm, I’ll rethink.”

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