Kicking Concrete

Back against the wall heels kicking the concrete,
Head down, thinking, dreaming.
Sunglasses hide the eyes, grey like the day;
They can’t look up.
They want to, but they can’t.
The question: is she looking?
Is she?
Wanting to smile,
To say something,
To stroll across the road with the confidence of a grifter
Take her in his arms, seduce her.
But the road is wide,
Too wide,
The distance immeasurable
To a boy with his eyes on the ground.
He kicks the concrete and walks away.

Written whilst listening to Strange Kind of Love by Love & Money.

That won’t be one many of you know. ;p

4 thoughts on “Kicking Concrete

  1. It is the most abused word in the English language. Love. I did go and listen to Strange Kind of Love, even though it’s nearly 5 am. It’s nice to be able to hear the lyrics of a song. As rare as love, these days. I had to look up ‘grifter’. Excellent writing, as always, Richard. 🙂

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