Ignorance of Life

Flies buzz the bloated form of a beached whale
Without care or respect for the travels she’s made.
Bloated, covered in loose sands and the ocean’s detritus,
Her weight overwhelms our petty physics:
She is dying, what’s worse, she knows it.
No longer carrying the rich, cerulean hue of adventure, but a murky grey,
Her unsavoury bulk is as out of place as the flies’ ignorance.
A snow-capped wave froths her flukes,
A harsh reminder of the world she’s left behind;
Thousands of miles of love for her children,
From warm Hawaiian waters to Alaskan cold;
Terrors met with smiles in deep sea trenches;
A leviathan queen made majesty by time,
It’s all gone now, all just memories in the sea spray.
The flies skim closer as she sighs just one last time.

25 thoughts on “Ignorance of Life

  1. I revisited this Richard. It’s really remarkable , the humanization of this dying sea creature, excellent writing, very moving.

      1. ah, Richard, I saw that but my name is spelled Holly…has it been fifty two years now. I was not in utero (sp?) as yet but perhaps a twinkle in someones eye.

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