#FridayFantasyPrompt #FlashFiction-The Little People

Behind the hedge where the hollyhocks bloom, beyond the meadow and over the grassy hill, past the fog that kisses the forest’s skirts, lies the land of the little people. Invisible to the big folk with their tromping boots and loud voices, screeching children and slathering dogs, the little people gather in the shade of fallen acorns, hidden. You might have wandered by their stream and thought it a trickle, might have laughed at their lily pad boats and thought them fallen, crumpled leaves. You won’t have noticed the tiny, stone bridge that spans their world and ours, instead, mistaking it for a fallen log or rock at an acute angle. You won’t even have seen them sheltering under their lantern leaf lights at midnight; they look like fireflies to human eyes. But they’ve seen you, my friends. They’re watching you now with glinting, emerald eyes, waiting for the moment you stray beyond the sounds of their trilling chaffinch and blue tit voices. ‘Why?’ you say. Because it’s Friday night, and it’s time to play.


18 thoughts on “#FridayFantasyPrompt #FlashFiction-The Little People”

  1. oooooooo!!!!! Fantastic…chilling…beautiful….spooky πŸ™‚ YAY thank you for joining in with this Gem, Richard πŸ™‚

    Im going inside now lol πŸ˜‰

  2. Oh, my five years old Girl told me once there is a fairy in my rose bush and I just waved it off as her Fantasy, by telling her “Oh, that is wonderful, Girl! Now, go and Play!” But never really to think perhaps it might be true?

    It was getting intense in springtime when she got up earlier than us to tell me that she must provide the fairies clean water. I waved her off, again, until one day she got a high fever and I must make a promise to provide water for the fairies inside the rose bush … She told me this …, “Mommy, that is where they have their tea Party, you know.” It was terrific to see that my Girl arranged her toys tea Cups and porcelain plates inside the rose bush with complete plastic table and tiny chairs … But you know what? I did provided the clean water just as promised.

    Well, who knows … there is a magical Little People down there, huh?

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