Creeping fingers tap the floor
Staccato, bodiless dance
Twirling in gloves
Tumbling in mittens
An applause of unnatural forms
Reach for me
I strive to climb
Stretch away
But they crawl and twirl and fall
And pirouette and totter and splay
Tapping on the window
Pulling at the frayed carpet
Relentless, relentless
I await the slap

Written whilst listening to Lullaby by The Cure.

15 thoughts on “Hands-On”

      1. Not nearly as touching as YOUR photo meant to me. I confess to printing it out because now I can look and smile every time I need a smile because you make me smile. I didn’t think you’d make me smile so much when I first knew you, you were a serious, talent, and nothing more, now you are a serious talent and so much more. I love that.

      2. Can you believe it’s October already? This year has gone by quite quickly do you feel this also? Yet I suppose looking back we can both say we have accomplished a lot which is good (especially when the type of work we’re doing is actually what we want to be doing, having had the reverse for so long!). A good thing. To be glad of.

      3. You always make me smile a MASSIVE grin on my face and this is not as common place as you’d think. I expect once in a very infrequent while, we meet someone whom we feel an affinity with, for no other reason than we ‘know them’ and wish to know them. I find this happens hardly ever, because it is a connection that belies reason and space. You are that for me my friend

      4. Glad to be of service and you always make me smile, too. Funny old world, though. I’m reading this in pitch black and there it’s midday. I’m from your future you see. Whoooooooo!!!!! πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»

      5. For some reason I have long had a love-affair with that phrase (funny old world) it makes me inexplicably want to cry though I couldn’t tell you why. Sleep well my friend, here’s wishing you a lovely coming week xo (Future Girl)

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