October’s nipping fingers
Morning attention demanded
Sky cast about in shades of forever
How can she be ignored
A little chill of neck
A tingle down the spine
A, yes the summer has gone,
Don’t worry
Don’t be shy
Scent the snow
Watch the falling leaves
Tumbling like russet waltzers
Taste the crisp tang of calm
And we do as we’re bid, and smile
October rattles her timbers
And ices the pond
Returning our pleasures
In rainbows
Of seasonal hues


14 thoughts on “October”

  1. Richard, not sure if you know George. He is a blogger who is quite ill right now. I have a post on my blog that has a link that will bring you to his blog and a post written by his daughter explaining the situation. I’m trying to notify people George knows here.

  2. Wonderful Poem Richard, I really enjoyed reading it – it made me realize the reasons why I like October so much – it makes me ‘scent the snow from far away’ – but then again – it is gentle and not intrusive, it is this kind of ‘bridge’ between the two different worlds – so it enables us to enter the ‘colder side’ of the calendar leaving in our minds the sweet sentiment that the summer is over…

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