“Come stand beneath the candelabra,” she commanded.
My grandmother, old battle-axe, had never liked me. The feeling was mutual. As the oldest male heir I had inherited our family’s wealth. She had hated me for it, but I still attempted to be respectful. Blind as a bat and equally nocturnal, she eyed me as I stood in the full glare of a hundred crystal housed candles. As if illuminated by God’s own searchlight, I returned her glare.
“Ha!” she expounded with a flourish releasing some sort of rope.
“Damn!” shouted I, as the candelabra slit open my skull.

30 thoughts on “Illuminating

      1. Well her job is done! Killed the male heir. Now she can relax and bake some biscuits. 😝

      2. Richard, you’d be a fool to eat her biscuits!! 😳💊 No doubt she’s laced them with something!

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