TextNut Writing App Review

I don’t know if this is of any help to anyone, but I thought I’d mention it.
I’m a stickler for what I use to write on. I have a Mac laptop and an iPhone and use both to do all my writing.
For a long time now I have been using Scrivener to do all my long form work. I love writing in it, but hate having all my notes in the same interface and clicking from one tab or section to another. For what seems an age, I have been searching for something to bridge the gap and have stumbled upon just the thing.
The app is called TextNut and is available on both platforms. I can use it to write substantial documents as well as simple poetry. Being a fussy devil, I also like to switch between background colours when tired. TextNut offers a variety of such things from black to white and others in between.
Here’s the main reason for bringing this up: it can also post to WordPress. I have been testing writing on my Mac and picking the same piece up on my phone and continuing what I’ve started, then posting. It’s worked well.
Like most of us writers, I’m perpetually penniless, so the fact you can do lots of the features I’ve mentioned for free is a great help. You can upgrade to lift restrictions, but that would be at the users discretion.
I hope this is a help to you and if you enjoy using the solarized background (blueish) as much as me, you’ll be tapping out stories for ages.



8 thoughts on “TextNut Writing App Review”

    1. If you download the Mac app, then go into settings, the last section includes an if you are a Blogger box. If you do a post like I did you can get the upgrade for free. I didn’t do it for that reason as I’ve had the app for quite a while, but it’s just made it even better. 🙂

  1. Thanks, Richard. I enjoy these recommendations you give for writing apps. I’ll check it out. Just one question. You say you can post straight to WordPress with TextNut. Are you able to also set tags, a category, location, etc, etc, before the post is published or do you need to set that all up in WordPress?

    1. You can do the lot, Hugh. I’d been saving them as drafts, but after all the WordPress hassles I’ve had lately couldn’t remember what was what. You can set tags, categories, draft or publish. Even images, I think, but I haven’t done that. Hope it helps. PS read what I told Kim above. It’ll save you some cash if you like it.

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