You know when your time is up by the slowing of your breaths. A blink takes a century, a smile forever, the world around you stalls. Raindrops catch mid-flight like dewdrops in a web, the very same web the clouds trail between. The blood in your veins turns sluggish and turgid, all functioning organs close down. That’s what they say, anyway, but that’s not what happened to me.

I hung in the moment as Hell opened up and Heaven closed its gates, straining, determined to breathe, convinced I could put words to my madness. Battles raged all around as though I wasn’t there, smiles flitting across faces and scowls more so, love, honour, just instants in time. More was lost in those seconds of non-redemption than eternity could hold. Infinity wrapped in a watch face, I crumbled.

Thats what you did to me, when you stole my heart. You killed me with a bullet not shot from a gun, attacked with a weapon called love, then walked away and left me to die. You murdered me with the kindest look and I never stood a chance.

20 thoughts on “Bullet”

  1. you are a phenomenon, Richard. Im not joking! Where your thoughts run from and to amaze me every time I read you. This isn’t flagrant flattery, I assure you. You AMAZE me! πŸ™‚

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