The Seed

The seed inveigles. The seed entwines. Reaching up
through circulatory systems, clawing its way up
arteries, sniffing its way in waves of red corpuscles,
the seed seeks to become and replace, kill and attack.
Being on the interior is how it works tricking hosts
by feigning itches and indigestions, heartburns and
heartaches. But it cannot fool me. Oh no, not me.
The soul it seeks to commandeer is already spiked,
already labelled for another; an unpleasant business.
The seed is lost within this man, its evil nothing but a
poisoned scratch itching away inside, deep inside.
It is only pain. Pain fades. I know, for I am full of it.

7 thoughts on “The Seed

  1. Very interesting piece, I loved the intensity of it ‘the seed seeks to become, to kill and attack’- the mind of yours never ceases to amaze me. Thank you for this thrilling share.

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