18 thoughts on “Nyctophilia”

      1. Now I want to look at a list of philias. You’ve piqued my interest!
        Nothing wrong with love of the dark, although it scares me… must be a philia for that too!

      2. I agree. And I know phobias are very complex… don’t make any sense… you have to seek help to overcome them… usually can’t do it alone. I have nightlights everywhere so I get by, not to worry!

      3. That’s okay – no need to apologize! I laugh about it. I also have a phobia or extreme dislike for earthworms… can’t go near sidewalks in the spring after its rained! I will literally get sick! And forget about baiting a fish hook! OMG!
        Sorry to hear about your experiences with darkness, though, the mind is certainly a complex thing. Seriously, phobias are nothing to joke around with, I agree. 🙂

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