New Book Release: Broken Soul by Joshua Buller

Richard’s Note

There are occasions where I get to give back a little to the people who have helped me and this is one.

Joshua Buller is a wonderful writer who dissected my first book The Eternals better than I could’ve done. A fellow author with Creativia Publishing, Joshua has allowed me the privilege of announcing his latest book release, Broken Soul, available now. This is the first in a planned four book series titled The Scholar’s Legacy. 

One thing I should like to point out before I let Joshua’s work speak for itself is the following quote which comes from his landing page at our publisher. This was one of the first things that drew my attention to him as it echoes my own thoughts perfectly: “There are dozens of other stories I’m dying to get out in the world, and if readers can find some enjoyment in what I create, then it’s more than I could possibly hope for.” 

I think that says enough about the kind of writer we’re dealing with and makes him one worthy of all the attention he can garner.

Thank you for reading and I present the Paleo Fiction & Fantasy Author  that is Joshua Buller.

Available Now

Broken Soul 

By Joshua Buller



For all her young life, Micasa has only known the toil of the labor yard and the ire of the overseers and her brutal master. When a fateful encounter with a fellow slave leads to her escape, she becomes caught up in an adventure beyond anything she’s dreamed.

Her savior, a mysterious man named Hawke Morau, claims that his soul has been shattered into multiple pieces, and each piece holds a talent or power from his past. As the two travel across the land, seeking out his soul fragments, Hawke teaches Micasa of the strange energy known as essence that exists all living things.

And before all is said and done, Micasa will learn that there’s much more to the world- and Hawke- than she could have ever imagined.

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Creativia Landing Page

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