No Other Word but Beautiful (An Author’s lot)

As an author, I strive to communicate in as perfect a form as I might. After all, is that not the point to being an author. I obsess over what words to use, and not use, how best to place them and how best to extract their full capacity for creation. Glue words and adverbs are but a few of those I try to quash and replace with better. I have a personal hate for repetition — I can spot it a mile off — and always try to be innovative with descriptions. After a time, these things become easier but one can always improve.
So what?, you bellow. Well, here’s the thing. I read that of all the words in the human language there is only one that cannot be adequately replaced by another. One might say it a singular word untainted by human overuse and in some cases — more so than ever these days — underuse. That word is beautiful.
Beauty, it is said, is in the eye of the beholder, and although you may dress it up in fine clothing it is always distilled down to that most particular of descriptions. This morning, I was taking my usual run when the clouds started to peel away to reveal the dawning sun. I don’t like stopping when running — I’m a creature of habit — but there are times when you just have to. I grabbed my phone and took the above picture before the moment dissolved from eye and memory.
As a man of many written words, as I have said in this post, there are times when you should use only one. Beautiful. The image is, was, and only ever will be beautiful.
Thus endeth the lesson.


37 thoughts on “No Other Word but Beautiful (An Author’s lot)”

    1. Glue words are fillers. If I exaggerated a bit, and rewrote what you put between the brackets like this (glue words?) would it have the same meaning in two words as your eight? That’s the best way I can put it. I use too many.

      1. In my thinking there is no such thing as too many words. Rather like when they told Mozart he used too many notes….and then he asked “which ones would you like me to take out?” lol. Thanks 🙂 Now I understand though 🙂

  1. Your ability as a writer, Richard, shows just how hard you work. This photograph is gorgeous and I am so glad you stopped in your run to take it. Sometimes in the stopping we really find treasure. Thank you for all you do!! ❤

  2. Beautiful picture and as you said this is the only word one can describe it, with simplicity yes but the deeper meaning evolves according to each eye, mind and heart.

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