He began with every clock in every house. That took him a while, but he didn’t stop there. He moved on to bigger things: churches; railway stations; town squares; Big Ben, the most famous of all timepieces. There wasn’t a wristwatch, pocket watch or even phone display left to show the time when he’d finished, minutes and seconds all erased from living memory. He left everything and everyone with nothing but the growing wrinkles on their faces to mark the passage of time. One might have said, he’d killed it.
Old Father Time sat back in his throne of clockwork gears, pendulums and ticking cogs, took the deepest, longest breath the universe had ever known — although it couldn’t be measured — then grinned a wry smile. So much time to kill and he still couldn’t finish his jigsaw.

*To any young readers, a jigsaw is a picture cut into funny shapes that you have to put back together. It’s kind of like smashing your phone to pieces then having to rebuild it to play Pokemon Go. *
I hope that helped.


52 thoughts on “KILLING TIME”

      1. I knew you would have something good to say but this is better than I was thinking. SO random, lol. 😀

      2. You are a man of varied taste. 🙂 So, do you choose the music based on what you’re writing or does the music influence your stories? Or you can just tell me to shut up because you are writing, darn it! 😀

      3. I’m done. I don’t take long. If I’m writing long stories, I have playlists particular to how I want to feel. When I’m writing short stuff, I listen to whatever I feel like and it definitely influences what I write. I think so, anyway. You tell me, I’m just about to post. I was listening to A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square.

  1. Love the story, Father Time stopping everything for something so whimsical. Then your explanation of a jigsaw…LOL made me laugh, but yeah, sadly,…kids today….(Are we getting Olde…er?)

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