One Whole Year of Snow

“When the rain turned white winter had arrived.”
I wasn’t sure what Grandpa meant by that, it could snow any time of year? It had even snowed in June once.
“Ah, puzzled, eh, Piotr? No need. You see, it didn’t stop. The snow started to fall in small speckles of white, then flakes, then great paper doilies. It grew faster, too. By the time we’d all got our winter clothes on, hats gloves and scarves, the snow fell so heavily it was a wall of solid white like being caught in an avalanche or getting stuck in a cloud.
“How long did it last, Grandpa?”
“Ooh, a good year, perhaps, a touch more. We lived off our summer stores, drank plenty of melted snow from a pan, and just lasted it out really.”
“I know.”
“So, when it finished, when it finally came to a stop…”
“What did you do?”
“What all kids would’ve, we went outside and built snowmen.”


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