The universe rippled sending cascades of forever rolling across my soul. I was lost. I was found. The stars made sea spray splashed across my face like some cosmic aftershave, and I wept. I’m not ashamed to admit it, I wept. A perfect dream, I sought to wake, to emerge from my revelations into a life revitalised, a corporeality I understood, at last. But I couldn’t. You probably know this now. I was the dream and always would be.


16 thoughts on “Revelations”

  1. This piece is sensational Richard. I love it, some words are so beautiful that I just wished I could tatoo them on my body.’I was the dream and I will always be’. Charming words that cut through the heart and soul. As a matter of fact your words remind me so much of what I wrote on my last post (The Artist Must Taste The Dark Water And See The Wild Wind) – we float in a dream like in the depths of the ocean wondering if our soul can regain the ability to fly. We all need ‘enlightenment’, we need to ‘wake’ and embrace the life revitalized. Such a beautiful beginning of the week, thank you Richard for the beauty of your soul.

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