The Writing Regime

I often receive emails and Facebook messages from people who are just starting out writing asking for advice. I always say just keep writing and don’t let anyone ever tell you, you aren’t good enough. Even Michael Jordan couldn’t dunk baskets aged two, it took time. Then I usually go through the, What are you asking me for? routine, I’m no better than anyone else. That’s because I lack confidence, and don’t always appreciate that people think otherwise. The one thing I do have, however, are lots of credits to my writing resumé, I just don’t always consider them. To me, they were and are steps to a greater finale. In fact, I can’t even bear to read them. But that doesn’t mean they were easy to get, they weren’t. I had to work hard for them. Fortunately, the one thing I don’t lack is determination. I’m always striving to do better. ALWAYS! We all should.

A big part of the latter is being regimented. I am a great believer in if you want to achieve your dreams, you have to work hard. In my case, this is write, write, write and write some more. Don’t slack off and don’t give up. But you do have to have balance, which if you are a bit robotic like me; same things at the same time, you have to make an effort. The thing I made and still make an effort for is running.

Running offers a freedom that I would otherwise ignore. I have had to make myself do it, but now would struggle to stop. Receiving copious amounts of dawn air is a great fillet to life and also helps stem the headaches that plague me. This has now become  (wait for it) part of my regime. Another plus to having, in particular, an early morning regime is I get to see views like this, which can’t help but lessen the burdens that sometimes come with life. I hope you like the images (he shakes his fist / you better!) because I actually stopped to take them just for you. If you can’t find inspiration to write after seeing this on a morning, don’t bother getting up.



Sorry the pictures aren’t great but it was freezing. They are horses in those fields, or if you’re looking on your phone, small slugs with legs.

Summing up: work hard, write lots, take breaks and enjoy it when you do. Results will come and even if they don’t, you’ll still have those mornings that nobody can take away. Or nights, however you set your stall out.


Richard M. Ankers author of The Eternals Series.

The Eternals

Hunter Hunted


40 thoughts on “The Writing Regime”

  1. Funny, I was pondering this same thing this morning, sans the running bit, after thumbing through a Gotham’s Writers workshop “How To.” Things I read at least twice before now make sense to the point of internalization, the knowledge finally my own.
    But I still have to remind myself to be patient and that my writing isn’t poor.
    Good post, Richard. (Sans the running bit 😂 I ride a bike).

  2. Thanks for the advice! Sometimes it’s hard finding that motivation to keep on writing. I feel like I’ve been trying to build myself up online, but nothing I ever do works. I just feel quitting already. It’s a cruel cycle.

      1. Thats easy, I’ll take them all home with me 😉

        (try spreading clove around your yard. Im not sure why but many cats cannot tolerate that smell..might keep them from visiting)

  3. Good on you, Richard. Write, write, then write some more but somewhere in all that, take a break, a walk, have a conversation, read a newspaper or a book. Laugh with someone. Then write.

  4. Indeed Mr.Ankers, one might have a great talent, but unless you don´t put the hours and hours in the work, that talent is a wasted talent. And that is sad, a wasted talent.
    By the way, what a sight you have in your morning runs. No wonder you get inspired, I actually think that the horses are the ones that inspire you….

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