Beneath (Hunter Hunted)

Beneath (Hunter Hunted)

Where ruby waves split the night
Ancient Hvit lies buried deep and dark,
White city of the Nordics myth no more.
Domain of Queen Serena and her royal offspring,
Patrolled by orcas, both hunter and hunted,
Hers is a game of blood and life and pain and death.
Rotting in lavender, secrets locked away,
Concealed lovers cast aside for safe keeping
Are turned from with heavy hearts.
Eternals, they are. Eternals, they ever will be.
Two outcasts shall tear them apart:
Bright star burning; dark star brooding.
Hvit is doomed. The Eternals are doomed.
Beneath the waves are futures made and lost,
And Jean and Aurora will watch them fall.


Hunter Hunted

Thank you for reading
Richard M. Ankers author of The Eternals Series.


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