Guest author : Richard M. Ankers – Hunter Hunted

Thank you, Sue, for the opportunity to appear on your wonderful blog.

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The Story Continues…

HUNTER HUNTED Book 2 in The Eternals Series

A Little Background and Something New.


Hunter Hunted is the brainchild of Richard M. Ankers, me, and continues the story of the Eternal Jean and his love, Princess Linka of The New Europa Alliance.

I wanted to do something a little different with Hunter Hunted, something that had never been done before with bloodsucking immortals. Hence, the far future Arctic, both above and below, became the setting for the main guts of the story.

Jean finds in the Arctic the remains of what he thought the mythological Nordic Eternals. The royal family and its queen, Serena, who runs her realm with an iron fist, have withdrawn from Eternal society in an attempt to find peace. Peace has come at a price.

In a world near death as Jean believes it is and with few animals of any kind…

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