Reclining – A Holiday Post


I’m reclining. That’s a funny little expression, don’t you think?

Reclining is one of my favourite words and even more favourite actions. Today I’m reclining in a new arts cafe, soaking up the atmosphere, looking refined, and trying not to get caramel shortcake all over my mouth. The piece is delicious melting on my tongue like a snowflake, but all too small. Fortunately, my wife chose to eat some ridiculously chocolaty bun, which included white chocolate — she doesn’t like white chocolate; I do — so I offered to help. I’m good like that.

We have both ordered a locally ground coffee with a Christmas tinge and are taking our time luxuriating in its delicious aroma. This is our holiday treat — the missus has had the week off, but we couldn’t afford to go anywhere — and what a special treat it is.

Some people like their cars, expensive holidays, works of art, whilst some are more easily pleased; we’re two of them. After a lovely walk in the sun (images below) this has nicely rounded off our week of walking, running and relaxing. 

We saw the moon get stuck beneath the Humber Bridge. Here it is.

So, our little break is over, not that it was with Hunter Hunted being released last Tuesday. Back to work for the missus and back to the writing that I didn’t really leave for me. 

And breathe.

20 thoughts on “Reclining – A Holiday Post

  1. The pen never takes a holiday Richard although mine does accompany me on vacation like yours once it relaxes at a coffee table that’s the cue to write – glad you both enjoyed the down time.

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