New Hunter Hunted Landing Page. #darkfantasy #gothic #sciencefiction

I feel very fortunate that my latest book, Hunter Hunted, the second novel in The Eternals dark fantasy series, has been given its own dedicated landing page at Creativia, my publishers.

Please take a look from the link below. Any shares from the social media side menu would be extremely appreciated.

Thank you for your help


HUNTER HUNTED Creativia landing page.

“Life is a collection of colours when all you’ve known is night.”

Sir Walter Merryweather



As soon as Jean stands in the sun’s ruby light, he and Princess Linka are drawn into a world of darkness. The Nordic royalty – albino Eternals of supposed myth – transport their guests deep beneath the Arctic ice to the legendary city of Hvit.

Their mother, Queen Serena, offers the pair sanctuary, but all is not right. Betrayed by the royal family and almost drowned in an orca hunt, Jean is forced to leave Linka behind. His mood is darker than ever and the world will feel his fury. Renewing old acquaintances, both good and bad, Jean must solve the mystery of who manipulates him and the deepening saga of his parents’ deaths. Now, Jean fights for more than just himself; he fights for love.

Once again, aided and abetted by the increasingly manic Merryweather, and the mysterious beauty that is Princess Aurora, Jean seeks retribution. Both hunter and hunted, trapped between wolves of land and sea, all directions point north. Jean must return to Hvit, the cloying, lavender stench of death, and the never-ending quest for blood.

Purchase Links:

The Eternals

Hunter Hunted

Richard M. Ankers

Author of The Eternals Series


26 thoughts on “New Hunter Hunted Landing Page. #darkfantasy #gothic #sciencefiction”

  1. To say I’m ridiculously proud of you is a huge understatement. You just basically ARE fantastic and I shall always think so. And yeah, I’m ridiculously proud of you although yeah, I knew you had it in you because yeah, you’re ALL THAT.

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