Hunter Hunted Available Today!


Life is a collection of colours when all you’ve known is night.

Sir Walter Merryweather

Eternals exist beneath the Arctic ice, a secretive albino breed. A domain of ruby half-light and absolute night, patrolled by orcas intent on killing all within, Hvit is a city to avoid.
Jean, the last Eternal Lord hates it, as he hates most things, but it is here he must leave his love, Princess Linka. To remain would be her death.
Accompanied by Aurora, the mad Queen Serena’s unwanted daughter, Jean must hunt down his blackmailers before they get to him first.
Hindered and helped by figures from his past, Jean is a Hunter Hunted. Don’t get in his way!

Continuing immediately on from The Eternals and the massacre at Crown Prince Vladivar’s wedding, Hunter Hunted takes immortals to places they’ve never been before. Hold your breath and slip beneath the ice.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy.
Richard M. Ankers author of The Eternals Series

Hunter Hunted
Also Available Book 1
The Eternals

24 thoughts on “Hunter Hunted Available Today!

      1. You and your books more than deserve it! I want to add them to TBR to Goodreads as well, but the website is giving me a hassle at the moment. Will try again later! 🙂

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