The Dark Fey Have Arrived

The Dark Fey Have Arrived

Number Two in Richard’s Book Purchases

As some of you may remember, I wrote a post about a month ago concerning the poetry of Candice Daquin. Her first poetry book was to be my first paperback purchase from writers I know. I had, and still have, been squirrelling away my pennies so that I could treat myself to some much wanted books from friends. Today I received my second: Dark Fey — Book 2 / Standing in Shadows by Cynthia Morgan.

I already owned book one on kindle but was determined to buy an actual copy. To say I have been waiting for it with baited breath is an understatement. However, it has arrived at last.

You all know how much I hate my picture been taken, so can appreciate just how pleased I must be to allow this photo. Here I am defending The Adam Fey from my Yucca.

For anybody that likes Fantasy, I would highly recommend The Dark Fey series. Book one was exceptional and like anyone else that’s read it, I couldn’t wait to get the second. Apparently, book three is well on the way — or so my connections in the business tell me, nudge-nudge, wink-wink.

I think in these days of mass production, fads and recommended rubbish it is refreshing that places such as WordPress allow us the reader to have not only great books recommended to us but great books by people we know. I hope you enjoy it as much as I know I will.


Please find out more about Morgan, my fellow Creativia author, at this link:

Cynthia Morgan


18 thoughts on “The Dark Fey Have Arrived

  1. Thank You so much Richard 🙂 I agree with Dorinda…Great photo…though I feel your pain. I hate myself in photos. So Thank You even more! Hope you enjoy it. Do please let me know what you think along the way 🙂

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