#FarcicalFriday — A Very English Disagreement

FarcicalFriday — A Very English Disagreement

A: “The distance between brilliance and foolery is a small one.”

B: “How small?”

A: “Oh, I should say about a yard.”

B: “That’s rather exact.”

A: “I delight in exactitudes.”

B: “I see.”

A: “Do you?”

B: “No.”

A: “I see.”

B: “And how close to this yard’s worth of exactness are you?”

A: “I am within its diameter.”

B: “And I?”

A: “Several miles away.”

B: “Thank you.”

A: “You are most welcome.”

B: “And where are the greater populace positioned?”

A: “Somewhere between us both.”

B: “I see. So you imply although I am your business partner, I am, in fact, a borderline fool.”

A: “Imply is such a vague word.”

B: “Then?”

A: “You are a fool. Without the borders, I might add.”

B: “Thank you.”

A: “You are most welcome.”

B: “Would I be correct in assuming you wish our partnership ended?”

A: “For a fool, you are surprisingly adept. A little of your old self shines through.”

B: “Thank you.”

A: “You are most welcome.”

B: “And?”

A: “I should, in as simpler terms as I can muster, ask to be disassociated with your good self.”

B: “I see. Starting?”

A: “Immediately.”

B: “This very second?”

A: “Indeed.”

B: “This instant?”

A: “This very instant.”

B: ”And we drove all this way out here to have this discussion?”

A: “Again, your perception is almost back to its best.”

B: “Thank you.”

A: “You’re welcome.”

B: “So we’re over?”

A: “I should say so.”

B: “Then I bid you good day, sir.”

A: “And you.”

B: “Thank you.”

A: “I’m glad cordiality remains.”

B: “Of course. Now, if you could possibly close the car door, I shall be on my way.”


A: “Goodbye, my old, inferior friend, enjoy the rest of your miserable life.”

B: “And you enjoy your twenty mile walk.”

A: “Damn, I may be the wrong side of this debate.”

B: “Yes, about a yard.”


49 thoughts on “#FarcicalFriday — A Very English Disagreement”

  1. Reblogged this on EDC Writing and commented:
    I love writing dialogue, the most natural form of writing to me, too little I see out there, so thrilled to see this brilliant piece by Richard Ankers, funny, very English, in our quirky way!

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