The Problem With Tomorrow

The Problem With Tomorrow


The problem with tomorrow is it never comes today. No matter how much I wish for it to appear it doesn’t. Like a dog with his out of the window, I’m tasting all today has to offer but dreaming of all tomorrow has to give.

Today is a load of rubbish. That is an unequivocal fact. The odd today can be above average but usually falls well short. My dreams never come to fruition today and I doubt they will on any other today. However, there’s always a chance.

Tomorrow, on the other hand, is made of my dreams and aspirations. Tomorrow offers so much that I can barely contain myself at the thought of what it will send. Tomorrow is a wonderful thought mixed with a wisp of a dream and a dash of fortuity. I love tomorrow, but never seem to get there.

The problem with tomorrow is it never comes today. I may have already said this but I’m already thinking about it. I’ve had enough of today already, and it’s barely halfway done. Tomorrow is in no part done and is all the more pure for it. Tomorrow is the unknown virgin to today’s ball and chain.

Hurry up tomorrow as I really need you to arrive. Just promise me you won’t turn into today.


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