Release the beast and all shall be as it should.

I couldn’t. 

Let loose the primal. Let the devil have this night.

I wouldn’t.

You yearn to race across the moors with the smell of the forest a distant aphrodisiac. You seek only God’s gift: life.

I shouldn’t. 

You must. To not do so is an affront to me the one who made you. You dishonour me with your pathetic attempts to remain… Human! Do it. Do it now.

I did.

There was always a voice in my ear, a whispering demon with yellow, slitted eyes and teeth like sabres. There was always that temptation to kill. When it came, when I uncaged the beast and allowed it to feast, I thought I’d touched freedom, when, in truth, all I’d touched was her. Just as she’d wanted. Just as she’d needed. Just as she’d dreamed. 

Now it was my turn to find that freedom. I had to because I couldn’t live like this another day longer. To be uncaged forever that was the real dream, the real freedom, the only real death.

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