50 Word Stories: A Writer’s Life

Eternals Series Image

Author's note: Unlike almost all my 50 word posts, the following actually happened. I kid you not.

"Really! Have you been published?"
"Yes, many times."
"And, what?"
"Are you a millionaire?"
"That's a shame."
"Isn't that the reason you write?"
"Why the hell would you sit at home writing if it wasn't to make loads of money?"
"Because I love it."
"Yeah, right!"

Author's final note: Is this the world we live in!

Richard M. Ankers
Author of The Eternals Series
The Eternals
Hunter Hunted

37 thoughts on “50 Word Stories: A Writer’s Life

  1. Yep. Sadly today’s people only see dollar signs. They really don’t understand how much of ourselves we put into our writing. To them, it’s just words on a page, without a glass of Moët to go with (yes that’s a dig at the Gokden Gloves). Keep doing what you love. The rewards are endless 😊

  2. I love it. So true, we create because we love to, not because it might lead to millions. Personally, I don’t think I want THAT particular headache. Sure it would be nice to be able to afford anything I want, but that is the tip of the iceberg, in my humble opinion. Call me off my trolley or one snack short of a picnic, but there it is 🙂

  3. This reminds me of a joke that I read a couple of days ago; about a guy quitting his job to travel the world but later as he gets a text to pay his EMI, he quietly goes back to work the next day. 😀
    I think most of us are enslaved by the way money economy/government/system works. Those of us who have enough passion and courage, hold our keys to freedom from this slavery. And I must say, Richard, yours is the kind of life most of us aspire; doing what we love, full-time. 🙂

  4. Indeed! And I wish you all the success in this wonderful life of yours. (Also, I am a tiny bit jealous 😀 ) May you inspire many!

      1. I would consider myself very lucky if one day I can be a full-time author too. 🤓 Thank you for your encouraging words. I shall now rest (sleep) in peace. 😊

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