#VignetteSeries: Mortimer Headlock

Today I am launching something that hopefully my readers will enjoy, whilst I can learn from. An ongoing series of vignettes, I hope to practise my writing skills on some of my current or upcoming characters to better build a feel for them. The pieces may or may not be included in their appropriate books, but shall assist me in forming their personalities. All the pieces will be short and fingers-crossed good. I thought I’d start with one of my favourites.

Mortimer Headlock is an investigator in two upcoming Steampunk novels. He is brilliant, concise and unafraid of the consequences of his actions, (right is right and wrong is wrong, no matter who it leads to).

“So you wish to see the moon, Headlock.”

“If I did, I would not be stood inside, Somerset.”

“Always so cutting, I’d forgotten what a challenge you are.”

“I should think picking out a shirt challenging for you.”

“Says the man in black.”

“I dress in black for consistency.”

“I thought you had a large family who continually passed away.”

“No, but I have a large clientele who oft disappear β€” into jail, mostly. I should like those who evade doing so to know exactly who stalks them through daylight and dreams.”

“So brazen! You even think to catch us whilst we sleep.”

“Oh, not you, Somerset.”

“Really! To what do I owe this honour?”

“You’re already caught, you just don’t know it yet.”

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