#VignetteSeries – Sir Walter Merryweather

Those who’ve read The Eternals will know Merryweather well. I love writing his antics. Here he’s acting rather more manic than usual. Not easy, when he’s manic all the time.

“Oh, I’m ecstatic, emphatic, empathic… I can’t think of any more?”

“Thank God!”

“Oh, Jean, you’re such a sourpuss. Who wouldn’t fall in love with the satin touch on skin, the exquisite delight of looking better than your fellow sort-of-man, that symposium where joy and material perfection meet, other than you, that is?”

“Do tell.”

“Well, there’s me for a start. I couldn’t have dreamed of such a find, imagined it better, fallen on my feet so to speak.”


“Oh, indubitably. I really am on cloud nine.”

“You don’t say.”

“I do, though. I will, though. I must, though.”

“It’s a neckerchief.”

“Ah, but what a neckerchief.”

“More precisely?”

“It’s green.”

20 thoughts on “#VignetteSeries – Sir Walter Merryweather

  1. Wow, how alive you make him.. I feel like he is right here with me.. A colourful character, for sure. I don’t yet know your series.. but I already feel I know what kind of a person this Merryweather is, just from this vignette..

      1. 🙂 Well; I look forward to reading your stories/novels. I already love what I have read here, so far.

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