Golden Book Award Contest, 2017 (Last Two Days)

One Last Push for my Second Award – Any Help is Much Appreciated

I’ve been nominated in the Golden Book Award Contest, 2017 in the Fantasy category. And it’s coming to a close!

Voting ends on the 15th. Not long left.

If you would like to help and vote for The Eternals here is the link Golden Book Award Contest, 2017. There is absolutely no pressure to do so as it is really a bit of fun and free advertising, but an honour nonetheless. A bonus is that it’s really easy to do. LOL (for folk like me)

Thanks for reading


Richard M. Ankers author of The Eternals

Also now available Book 2 Hunter Hunted



29 thoughts on “Golden Book Award Contest, 2017 (Last Two Days)

  1. Congratulations, Richard! I had no idea when I voted for Cynthia that you were right there next to her. I have yet to read your book, but voted for you in show of support. Your an inspiring example to wannabe’s like me. A very encouraging post and one I need, everyday, like a writing vitamin. Good luck, my friend.

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