#VignetteSeries – Perkin Perkins

Perkin Perkins is a manservant to Her Majesty Queen Victoria in several Steampunk stories I’m working on. He is a character who does not suffer fools, but due to his working position has to be careful how he shows it. (I like writing his sections because I’m the same way.) PS People never remember his name, which is essential to the story — if you were wondering.

“What is this Porkins?”

“It’s Perkins, sir. And that’s milk, sir.”

“I asked for wine.”

“Due to rationing, there is none. I took the liberty of bringing you what we had, sir.”

“If I’d wanted milk, I should have asked for milk. You really are an imbecile, Plopkins.”

“Perkins, sir, and I apologise. Might I bring you something else?”

“Most definitely! What have you got?”

“Hm, well we do have water, or water substitute, which is very much the same thing but white and slightly creamier.”

“Well, I certainly won’t be drinking water that’s for the poor.”

“Then, the substitute?”

“Yes. And get on with it, Perkster.”

“My apologies, sir, but I now realise that is what I brought you.”

“Oh, well…”

“Anything else, sir?”

“Just for you to get out of my sight.”

“With pleasure, sir. May you enjoy your water substitute.”

Perkins was about to exit the room when a voice behind him said to another guest, “Not bad this stuff, actually. It’s not unlike milk.”

Perkins smiled as he closed the door with a reassuring click.

17 thoughts on “#VignetteSeries – Perkin Perkins

  1. Wine for me no milk unless it’s in my coffee! 😀 Love the sharing of your developing characters. Wonderful Richard. I’m catching up on your blog just letting you know I’m here reading I promise not to comment on them all unless I simply cannot stay quiet! 🙂

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