Winter in a Bird’s Eye


Emerald and jade
My dreams, emerald and jade
Wind whips these feathers

3 thoughts on “Winter in a Bird’s Eye

  1. What a lovely picture to go with your words my friend.
    I miss the snow. I hear it is snowing there right now. Suffice to say, it is not snowing where I am, except in my imagination.
    One of the prettiest years I recall was in Norwich I was at school there briefly and it snowed so heavily, we lived far from campus and had to walk through the snow (wade) it felt so magical and most of all so quiet and hushed like everyone was holding their breath. I actually recall that feeling as if it were yesterday, such happiness and a sense of freedom and beginning over.
    Much as I like heat and keeping warm I would trade the sun for snow nearly any day, it seems to make angels of us or winter vampires, something spectacular anyway.
    I do hope you both are keeping warm and I send you lots of love to my wintery bard (though you may say that makes you sound old, which I suppose it does, so I shall instead say Lion Heart as that never could)

    1. I was out at 6am in a snowstorm and by 11am it had all gone. But I’m pleased to say I get a good couple of miles in it. Made my winter. I hope we get more, though.
      PS I can’t stop listening to Saint Claude by Christina and the Queens, thanks to you. I’ve written three poems to it tonight. Am I sad or cool doing that?

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